Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indie Writers Zone

The Indie Writers Zone has been created to help the independent author with all the must have tools to facilitate a fabulous indie writing career.  All the stuff you need will be here plus advice from those who have bravely gone out into the unknown ahead of you.  From writing, formatting, editing and publishing info to author interviews and book reviews, together we will have a wild ride.  Onwards my friends...

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  1. Hi Patricia,

    Are you and your readers tired of these same re-hashed ingredients?

    Arab terrorists
    Islamic radicals
    and still more al-Qaeda

    Then I invite you to read my novel - HILL 170 - just released on Amazon.

    China, North Korea, South Korea and the United States - the major forces in the world’s most dangerous stand off.

    Sergeant Dodge Bryce and the small team of USAF intelligence ops on Hill 170 keep the region safe. But who will keep them safe when a shocking incident costs the group fully one third of their number - overnight?

    Now gravely short handed, the Hill faces its ultimate worst case scenario - a PRC spy in their midst. And Bryce - his remarkable string of intel discoveries having cost the PRC too much - is now the #1 target of China’s master assassin.

    It’s a race against the clock as East and West square off in a chillingly authentic story of defections, betrayals and clandestine intelligence operations that you will never forget.

    I quite like your cozy blog and would greatly appreciate your review.

    Thanks for your time,
    Michael Barclay