Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bestseller For A Day August 17th - In Leah’s Wake

Today, August 17th, is Terri Giuliano Long’s big day! Her award-winning novel IN LEAH’S WAKE, is the featured book for BESTSELLER FOR A DAY. The premier promotion of the Indie Book Collective, BESTSELLER FOR A DAY is designed to push indie authors to the top of the Kindle charts!

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What does all this mean exactly? How does this involve me? What do I do?
For you, the reader, it’s easy AND fun! Today through midnight:

1.  Go to and purchase Terri’s eBook In LEAH’S WAKE for only 99 cents! (The normal price is $2.99 so you save two dollars.) Terri loves when readers save money! They can buy more books! Like these 4 breathtaking bonus buys, on sale this week ONLY for just 99¢ each: BELLA, THE TRUST, SOPHIE & CARTER, and CHASING AMANDA

2.  Your purchase helps show the big boys in NY publishing houses what indie authors can do! Every purchase improves Terri’s ranking on the overall Amazon chart. Our goal is to get her eBook, out of the millions of eBooks, onto the Kindle Top 100!
IN LEAH’S WAKE, the BOOK BUNDLZ 2011 BOOK CLUB PICK, has already hit #7 on the Barnes & Noble Nook Bestseller List! And #14 on Amazon’s Books/Parenting & Families/Family Relationships chart! How awesome is that? Terri’s positively amazed! She had to pinch herself to prove she wasn’t just dreaming!

The Top 100 chart takes serious firepower! To do it, she needs your help!

Please shout her out to your Twitter stream, Facebook friends, friends and family, even your dog. Reviewers have called IN LEAH’S WAKE: “a stellar debut,” “engrossing, “a book for our times.” One reviewer said: “no one who reads this book can remain untouched or unmoved.” Another said Terri’s writing is “superb, compelling, and leaves a serious impact!”

So…what are you waiting for?

3.      Once you purchase her book, head over to the Bestseller For A Day site and enter to win a brand new KINDLE – Terri’s way of showing appreciation for your effort and support!

4.      Wait! There’s more! How about this? 4 MORE AMAZING reads – only 99¢ each! BELLA, by D.C. journalist Steve Piacente, a hotbed of danger and intrigue in the U.S. Military. THE TRUST by Sean Keefer, an award-winning, knock-your-socks-off legal thriller. CHASING AMANDA, a luminous, must-read thriller by award winner Melissa Foster. And, last but definitely not least, SOPHIE & CARTER, a rocking YA romance by Wonder Woman Chelsea Fine, one of Amazon’s hottest new authors!

5.  If you’re still not sure you should part with that buck and maybe win a brand new KINDLE, here are 45 – yep, 45 – outstanding 4 & 5-star reviews that may change your mind. It’s hard to part with your cash in this economy. We get it completely. Look at it this way: your 99 cents is an investment in a powerful and compelling family story, a great read. What’s more, it’s an investment in all indie authors trying to prove their worth.

Terri appreciates all the love and support you’ve shown her these past few months, pushing IN LEAH’S WAKE up the charts and onto the Barnes & Noble Nook Bestseller List. We can’t wait to see what Wednesday brings!
Please go directly to In LEAH’S WAKE now to purchase Terri’s book or to the BestSeller For A Day site for more details. If you have questions or comments, feel free to email Terri at or visit her blog. You can also catch her on Twitter or Facebook or Goodreads. When she’s not writing or gabbing with friends on a social networking site, she can be found at Boston College, where she teaches creative & nonfiction writing.
Comments welcome! Retweets and mentions greatly appreciated!!
Interested in participating in Bestseller For A Day as a Bonus Buy book? We’re always on the lookout for great indie books to include in our promotions! What’s required? You must be available in eBook format, be on Twitter, and have a blog. Want more info? Contact us at indiebookibc@gmail.comfor more information!

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