Sunday, August 28, 2011

Indie Book Design - You Need A Professionally Done Cover Because People DO Judge A Book By It's Cover

I just got back my fabulous new book cover and I'm very excited about it! The wonderful people at 'Indie Book Design' made it for me.

I wasn't sure at first what I wanted. I took a look around at what other covers looked like in my genre and then I discussed it with them. They sent me a first draft quickly. I made two small changes and voila, isn't it nice! They were really cool about the revisions.

I wanted a design that jumped out and grabbed people, I think this one does the trick. What do you think?

I've heard so many times how important it is to get a professional cover done because readers DO judge a book by it's cover. I thought that it would be expensive but Indie book design seemed reasonable.

In case you're wondering, Quick Kill will be published, if all goes according to schedule (fingers crossed) by Christmas. It's a murder mystery. Could you guess that by the cover? Hints were - guy with big knife and perhaps the word 'kill' in the title.  :)

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