Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops

This Veteran’s Day weekend, over four days, 50 plus authors are thanking our troops for keeping our country safe and free.

Ready for over 50 free ebooks?

YAY! Because every commenter on each listed blog, each day, gets that author’s participating ebook FREE!

Not only do you get it, but one goes to a troop for every single unique commenter. So send a friend! Not only do you and they score a 5 star read, a troop gets one, too.

Talk about freedom! Let’s make it ring book lover style this Veterans Day!

There’s more!

We’re also giving a brand, new KINDLE to a tour commenter, randomly drawn and multiple KINDLES to several lucky troops.

Why? Because the number one care package item request is books.

Let’s give them to our troops!

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