Saturday, November 5, 2011

Indie Insider - Kimberley Johnson

How many words do you do write a day? Where do you do it?

I write non-fiction or what I like to call Reality Book. I also run two blogs. I collect stories from people, primarily based on feelings on universal topics.
Because I am not a fiction writer, I don't have a daily word count but I am always writing. I write guest blogs, articles and pieces for my Reality Blogs.
I work from my home office.

Do you think that people judge a book by it’s cover? Who makes yours?

Yes, I do believe people judge books by the cover. I say that because my first book, The Virgin Diaries often scares people. I made it for virgins to make an informed decision as well as for parents who wish to open a healthy dialogue about sex. These are the two groups that fear it most. Fortunately, once they give it a shot, they usually embrace it and see the value.

What do you do when you get writers block?

I walk away from the computer and put mind my on something else. Most of the time I can type away but when I can't, I find other activities freshen my mind up.

How much time do you spend on social media per day? What do you concentrate on?

I spend A LOT of time on social media. Hours? Not sure, maybe 4-6 but I look at it as a full time job. I am on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs (mine and others), I surf the net for opportunities and check into various web sites that pertain to my subjects.

Which narrative form and tense do you think is the most difficult and why?

Since I am not a fiction writer, it's hard for me to answer this. Maybe one day I will make the leap but as of now, I like to collect stories and write opinion pieces.

Do you use a professional editor, critique partners, or beta readers? What is your process?

My mother Ann Werner and I are business partners. She handles the majority of the editing, though I do some as well. I collect stories from people and edit them, send them to Ann (mom) and she does a final edit. When it comes time to make the books, Ann does the formatting and we decide on the structure together. She is not officially a professional editor but could be one and people often ask that of her.

How important is it for an indie author to use a professional editor?

It is extremely important to be professionally edited. My mother is not considered a pro but she is an excellent editor. Between the two of us, we can handle it. As an indie author, you are already up against so much. If your book is poorly edited, not only do you make yourself look bad, you bring the whole self publishing industry down. There are so many people these days jumping into self publishing. I have read some of the authors. I have seen books that have not been properly edited and it gets on my nerves. Just because you now have the ability to publish your own work doesn't mean that people will be interested in reading it, especially if you have not taken the time to put out a quality book.

How long does it take you to create a book from start to finish?

For me, it depends. My first book The Virgin Diaries took years but there are many reasons. I started before the indie wave in 2004. I also wasn't sure if I would actually make a book. So I would drop it now and again. After I published in April 2010, I started on my second title Ain't No Sunshine: Men Reveal The Pain Of Heartbreak in December 2010.
I collected stories from anonymous men on what it feels like to suffer a broken heart, not an easy task but by April 2011, I had enough stories. We edited as they cam in so the process of formatting was a quick one and it was released in May 2011.

Please list three unique blogs or web sites for writers that you read on a regular basis.

The Things Women Want

Cold Coffee

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am currently working on a series for my personal blog. I am interviewing authors on both sides of the publishing fence. Independent vs. Traditional. I have already received many interested authors and I am really excited to see what everyone has to say!

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