Friday, October 28, 2011

Bestseller For A Day - All Hallow's Eve

On October 28th help us drive this award-winning novel to #1!!! 
All Hallow’s Eve: The One Night it’s Bad... to be Good

People are being martyred but not for their faith. Instead the deaths are part of a serial killer’s sick game as he chooses his victim by their name… then kills them in that Saint’s grisly manner.
“Beautifully written and masterfully executed. You will keep guessing until the end who could have planned such a horrific night! Do not read this while alone in the house!”

Book Reviewer

“Scary and smart, All Hallow’s Eve is perfect for anyone who wants to read a horror story that hits them in the gut. From the intricate psychopathology of the serial killer, to the hair-raising tension, to the skewering of pop culture, 'All Hallow’s Eve' is simply a great read.”

~Your Need To Read
Book Reviewer

What are bestselling and award-winning authors saying about Cristyn West’s All Hallow’s Eve? See for yourself:

“Cristyn West does it again. After her international best seller, Plain Jane, Cristyn brings to life another thriller that takes you to the edge and beyond. Not for the weak stomached, 'All Hallow’s Eve' is macabre, yet still manages to be heartfelt. But with people dying in the manner of the saints, we knew the body count would be high, and Ms. West did not disappoint!”
~ThrillersRockT, Book Reviewer

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  2. Hi Patricia! I'm visiting from Jeremy Bates' Halloween Hop and plan to stalk you everywhere—well, at least here and Twitter. Hope you'll be one of my stalkers. ;)

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  3. Hi Albert & Heidi,
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  4. I will most certainly be checking this out! thanks.

  5. I know Shelley, isn't it fabulous! :D

  6. Hi there! Passing through from the blog hop & following!

    It's pretty funny because i actually don't watch/ read horrors ever since watching Halloween H20- i scare very easily now! Lol.


  7. Halloween Hop

    I would like to thank every blogger who has participated in this hop.

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  8. I wish I had seen this earlier! I would have loved to read this book. dangit!

    My favorite Halloween movie is probably Rocky Horror Picture Show, but my favorite Scary movie is Nightmare On Elm Street!

    Come check out all kinds of Writing, Movie and other Miscellany over on WRITE READ WATCH. I’m also looking for authors and nanowrimo failures and winners to write guest blogs for November! Any takers! Lolsz. Enjoy.

  9. Just stopped by to say hi as part of the Halloween Hop. Let me know when your mystery is published.

  10. Thanks JR. I will let you know Patricia, thanks!

  11. hi patricia!
    thanks for posting the halloween badge!
    and great cover for Quick Kill! when's it coming out???