Saturday, October 1, 2011

Indie Insider - 25 Things About Tanya

Thanks to Patricia for hosting me on her blog. My name is Tanya
Contois and I'm a fairly new book blogger/reviewer. I started my
Facebook page All Things Books and my blog of the same name just under
a year ago. In that time I have reviewed many books and done a good
amount of author interviews so I decided to share a little about
myself with all of you.

1. One of my favorite things is finding new bands/singers to listen to.

2. I love horror movies.

3. I've seen The Punisher about 15 times.Absolutely love that movie.

4. Ever since seeing Stephen King's IT when I was five,I am terrified of clowns.

5. I love anything black licorice,especially jelly beans.

6. Eating anything that is very spicy makes my ears hurt.

7. I'm unable to cut onions (even though I love eating them) because
when I do they make me not able to see anything at all for a good 10

8. I hold things inside too much and I have a tendency to just let it
build up until I explode.

9. I love any movie with Molly Ringwald or John Cusack.I have probably
seen every movie they have ever been in.

10. I have only been in love once but I never had a chance to tell him
which I will always regret.

11. I am one of the most indecisive people you'll ever meet.I'm one of
those people who will walk around the grocery store for a good half an
hour before deciding on one thing.

12. My favorite magazines to read are Cosmo and Alternative Press.

13. I love reading.

14. I love finding new recipes to try.

15. I love classic rock.One of my favorite songs to listen to is Free
Bird by Lynrd Skynrd.

16. I would give anything to live in New York City.I visited there
once for about four hours and fell in love with it.

17. The thing I'm most afraid of is not finding one person to spend my
life with.

18. I cry every year on my birthday.

19. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

20. I have the biggest family out of anyone I know.I have relatives
that I've never even met.

21. I hate watching the news.It makes me so depressed.

22. I have a hard time saying no to people.

23. I think Valentine's Day is the worst holiday ever because if you
aren't in a relationship the day basically sucks.

24. I very much dislike having my picture taken.They all come out awful
in my opinion.

25. I believe my mother is the strongest person I know because she had
to raise three children alone after losing my father when he was 31.I
hope to be as strong as her someday.