Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Indie Insider - Pam Howes

How long does it take you to create a book from start to finish on average?

It took me around six years to plot, research, write, re-write, and rewrite again, my first novel, but by the time I'd decided it was how I wanted it, I'd first drafted the sequel and the third in the series also. However, the stand alone novel I'm working on now is halfway through and that's taken me seven months so far. I'd estimate about a year per novel from now on to get it exactly as I want it, including editing and proof reading.

How many hours a day do you spend writing? Editing? Procrastinating?

Between five and six hours in each twenty-four. More, if time permits.

How are your book covers designed?

I always have an idea of what I would like the cover to look like and I tell my designer, JD Smith, who always comes up with the perfect design. With the trilogy we follow a set colour scheme.

What do you do when you get writers block?

I'm very lucky in that I've never had it. Just the opposite in fact. If I'm mulling a scene over in my head I'll go for a walk around the area I live in and come back with ideas tumbling around, ready to translate to paper.

How many hours a week do you spend writing?

Around forty, maybe more. I never keep a tally.

Which narrative form and tense do you use and why?

I always use third person and past tense. I write multi VP tales, so third person allows me to do that easily when I switch scenes. I once tried to write a first person short story but couldn't get to grips with it. It's not even a style I like to read either. Much prefer third, but then that's just me!

Where do you get your ebooks formatted?

I format them myself.

Do you use a professional editor, critique partners, or beta readers? Briefly describe your process.

Yes, I use AJ Hudspith for all my editing. I also belong to online critiquing group YouWriteOn and have a couple of friends from there who I trust to read the full MS and to be honest with me and tell me what is or isn't working and why.

Which is the most important social media platform and why? Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, LinkedIn, or any other one you use.

I use Twitter and various Facebook pages mainly, Goodreads and Amazon's KDP. I also have a link to my website and my books on YouWriteOn, so that each time I post anything on the message boards there my links are in my signature.

What are three unique web sites or blogs that you follow on a regular basis? (related to writing etc.)

YouWriteOn, Tim Ellis's blog, Goodreads.
I try and follow as many blogs as I see advertised on FB, but I think you have to be careful or all day could be spent reading blogs rather than actually writing.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you so much for interviewing me. Links to my blog, books and John Hudspith's editing service can be found here at my website:


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